Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank you all for your kind has helped

As most of you know, we lost the new pregnancy due to a burst ectopic pregnancy. It was a scary time and quite painful for Andi.

We are emotionally ok with it now because we know that God has a plan and we are so grateful for Isabella and the joy that she has brought into our lives.

Speaking of Bella, she is doing great. She is starting to pull herself up to a standing position and she loves to do sit up with us holding her legs. Its funny, we keep saying that she will have abs of steel.

She also loves making noises and banging things around, especially into her forehead. She is growing fast and growing big. She is still thin but tall. Healthy and Happy, just like we like her. Andi is doing great and loving her time with Bella.

Thanks again.

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Rebeckah said...

I love her little teeth! She is growing so quickly! We pray for you all the time! Love you!