Sunday, February 3, 2008

May I have another.....

Well, that is what Andi and I have been saying for the past month and now, we are pregnant again. Thats right folks, baby number 2 and Bella will be 15 months apart. We are quite excited and are already planning names and furniture, not necessarily in that order.

Bella is moving along fabulously. She is turning pages in books as Andi reads to her, she rolls over and back with ease, eats 3 full spoon fed meals a day and is as vocal as she has ever been. All that at 7 months.

Andi is spending all day every day with her which I feel will really have a positive affect on her learning curve and he ability to understand things quicker. Andi's patience and tireless caring blows me away. She is up at least once per night and from 7 AM until 10PM and is constantly with Bella, going and going. Thank goodness we she is able to stay home.

Bella is getting out very often now and is fabulous in public whether in a seat, stroller or in our arms, its really great. We get so many people walking up amazed at her cuteness and her eyes, and go on and on. We are proud parents and know our baby is beautiful but the comments are non stop. We are happy either way.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! another g-child! don't worry about the furniture for heaven's sake; the big sister's not going to want to be a crib too long! I'm so anxious....Grandma Sandy

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Congratulation on your second pregnancy hope that everything goes well. You know that things always happen for a reason.