Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'VE GOT 3 NOW!!!!

Yep, 3 teeth and counting, and I mean counting LOUDLY. Wow is she uncomfortable with those teeth coming in. Andi and I always say we wish we could take that pain for her.

Isabella is such a joy to be with and love. There are times I honestly cannot believe that we made her. I look at her when she is looking at me and it’s truly amazing how much she makes me feel, It is so true how your whole existence becomes about your children. Every idea, thoughts, move, change, everything has them in it. It’s so great to be so involved and so open naturally to being this way.

Bella is in pain quite a bit but still manages to be happy most of her time. It’s also fun to take her out as she is like a rock star in the neighborhood. People are constantly sticking their faces in front of her and talking about how beautiful she is and go on and on. She is a beauty for sure.

Well, that’s it for now we are going to spend a little time outside with our baby girl this weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures, can't wait to see her again soon I hope! Grandma Sandy