Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our blessed child

I know that it has been about 15 days since my last post. Well you wait was worth it as I am going to post 4 pics just for you.

All has really been going well. Sleeping is for the most part on schedule...NONE! Well, not really, she has been sort of getting there. Its all part of being parents and learning how to do the things that we do.

Being a father has been more than I expected. I have been caught off guard and questioned my fatherly abilities at 3:30 in the morning when I really had a hard time getting up to feed her. I am told that everyone goes through this for sure.

It is amazing how much she takes away from our stress and our madness of the day. After a hard days work I come home and just look at Isabella and everything just goes away. It truly is amazing and I think about when I was a baby and how my mom must of felt with 2 of us (I'm a twin).

A good friend and Isabella to be Godfather, said it so simple; "no matter how your day went, what stresses you are under, you hold Isabella and you know that God is at work and you have been blessed" You cant really ask for more than that can you.

Andi has been amazing. I know I keep saying that, but to get up 2-3 times a night to feed and then be with her all day without once ever asking me to take over amazes me. I always hear that when my guy friends come home the wife needs a break, well not Andi, she wants to keep going. I am blessed to have 2 amazing woman in my life everyday.

Thank you all again for your well wishes and your comments, and keep them coming. Remember, this is all for Isabella.


Grandma Sandy said...

Finally, more pics! I've been waiting patiently (LOL) and hoping to see more. I loved the one with the pacifier! I can't wait to see her again as she is already changing and will continue to do so in the next few weeks/months. You two are truly blessed to have her and so am I!

Monica Ricci said...

I am just thrilled for you both! Hey, look it's Aunt Sandy on the comment list. What a blast from the past! Wow!