Sunday, July 15, 2007

First Captured Smile...2 Weeks and 3 Days

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Capturing all of the subtle facial expressions is tough, you practically have to walk around with a camera strapped to your eye. We got the first smile though, its so adorable I cant stand it.

Things have been going well, and I say that because we are so grateful and blessed to have Isabella in our lives. Yes we have had sleepless nights, crying for an hour, she does not want to sleep (except during the day), but that's all ok. I realize that in some way shape or form, this will be our life for the next 18 years or more. Whenever Bella is fussy and crying and I cant get her to stop, I don't get anxious, I just hold her and let her feel my calm and my love and hopefully that will seep deep inside of her and it will bond us forever.

Andi is really doing well. She is lacking sleep as is to be expected, but she is really taking control, in fact its tough sometimes to get daddy time..:-). I can never get enough anyway.

I think that maybe today, we might go for a short ride with Bella to get all of us out of the house. Andi has left once since she gave birth almost 3 weeks ago. She and Bella need the outside experience.

Thank you all again for your prayers, well wishes and kind words. As this is a record for Bella when she gets older, we appreciate your heartfelt comments very much.

All the best


Heidi said...

I tried to post a comment one other time with no success... Congratulations to you both. As we all expected, she is absolutely gorgeous! Being a parent is like no other experience. Just looking at the pictures of you both with Isabella brings back all those special memories from the infant stage. Enjoy every momemt with her because you can never go back. Any idea when we might be able to see her in person???
Love and blessings to the new family. Now your house is really a home... Love, Heidi (Jerry, Rach, Mags, Dani & Myles too!)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you got her first smile! I love that she is going to have this when she grows up! An online baby book. How fabulous. Kaishon and I pray for the new baby every day. Congratulations again Andi! Much love, Rebeckah

Anonymous said...

How bout updating the blog more often so I can see new pics of my granddaughter?