Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh boy, oh "BOY"!!!!!

We are not 100% sure but it certainly looks like we will be having a boy. It’s not confirmed, but I have to say, I know what a boy looks like and it was pretty darn clear. We are psyched either way and ready for our new addition to the family.

Bella is of course, as usual, growing like crazy. Her speaking has gotten just about to conversational. Really, at 17 months she putting 3-4 words together and annunciating extremely well. She is eating with a spoon, when she wants, and doing what she wants where she wants in the house.

Bella also gets along so well with other little people. She loves other children and is always very happy when they are around.

We picked out our tree today, a big 13 footer which when decorated I will post a pic with it and Bella.

All the best,

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Life with Kaishon said...

13 feet! Holy Canoli! Ours is 9 feet. Do you have to use a ladder to decorate it?

A boy : ). SO so so excited.