Monday, December 22, 2008

Holidays are upon us

This time of year is so great to have children. They are so pure and excitable, yet still a bit unsure of why they are being awarded gifts. The wonderment I guess is what gets me, I love it.

It’s been quite a year and with the new one coming next year offers even more. I guess I need to change the name of this blog rather than starting another one. Hmm, I will have to put some thought into this I guess.

Anyway, Bella is saying new words practically every second. It’s crazy. You ask her to say something and she does no struggle at all. It’s amazing to watch the words come out of her mouth for the first time.

The pics show Bella on a piece of furniture we had made to fit our space and Bella loves it. Also, the tricycle was a gift from Grandma Sandy and the other is when we were out the other night with Bella in her toggle coat and furry boots.

Andi, Bella and I wish you all a very happy and family oriented holiday season and don’t forget to keep Christ in Christmas, it’s the reason we celebrate.
Scott E. Kuhn


Anonymous said...

I just love that girl to death! Grandma Sandy

Life with Kaishon said...

Merry Christmas Scott, Andi and baby Bella : ). I am so thankful that you have had such a beautiful year! I pray for you and the new baby often! God is so good!