Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summers almost gone

We had a great summer with Isabella. She has grown amazingly in so many ways, yet she is still our little baby girl.

Bella has her molars, speaks about 50-60 words and repeats after one request. She is understanding what things are when you point them out and knows when it is time to go to bed and does quite a good stall job. She is so funny at night running around trying to make us laugh so she does not have to go to bed. Its really funny and quite a joy.

Her social skills must have been instilled in her since birth as she stepped into that role without an issue. We visit the park a few times a week and she loves other kids..especially boys....and it starts already with the boys....I know, its inevitable a cutey like her, but as a dad, I don't have to like it..:-)....I'm kidding of course. But you understand.

Isabella has simply made a new life for us and we are so exited every day to see what she will bring us as the day goes on. The time has gone so fast and she is growing daily, It makes me think why we stop growing so obviously when we get older. Andi and I are hoping to foster Bella's yearning for growth for her entire life, but especially as she grows into a toddler then to a tween, teenager, young adult and then as an adult. It is so important for her growth as a person to be supported in every way and allow her to make mistakes and learn from them.

Thats where I find it tough. I am still so over protective and afraid of her falling and getting hurt, its tough for me to let go and watch her stumble down a step, over an obstacle or go down a slide without wanting to grab her or have my hands inches from her head....just in case. Andi has been great allowing Bella to find her way and keeping me out of her way. It is clear that it is working as fast as she is picking up skills.

I can say that as Bella grows we have been growing individually and as a family, lets pray that the benefits of Isabella being our daughter and we being her parents last our lifetime. Its quite a thought to imagine and one that I am looking forward to being a part of.

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