Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 more weeks!!!

Wow, crazy to think that in 5 weeks I will be Daddy. Blows my mind. Andi is feeling great as usual (were blessed) but is lacking sleep. This weekend may help as we are heading to the shore for 2 days at the in-laws and then to my mothers house for a cookout on Monday. If she does not get rest this weekend, the travel should knock her out.

I am getting to the point where I am starting to worry about having everything we need and should have. How many bottles do we need, the pacifiers, how many changing table covers do we need, ect. Its not something that is intuitive you know. I mean, what if Bella pees the bed 6 nights in a row, I NEED 6 SHEETS! That's nuts. What if she gets sick on the bumper pad? Do I need 2 of those, and if I do I cant get one that matches the bed set because it comes as a set. And what about how long I have to wait to show her off in the Bugaboo, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months? The opinions are all over the place with regards to what's rights, what's wrong, when this , how that. I guess at the end of the day that's what this is all about, exploration and finding your way with your own child's needs.

Truth be told, I am so ridiculously excited that its out of character for me. If my staff could see me they would not recognize me at all. We have a life, a precious being that we will be molding and educating into a young girl and she is directly from us. It really is an amazing thing to see first hand. Everyone sees pregnant woman and they ask all the questions but to watch your wife's stomach grow and all the time knowing that your baby is the reason why is so profound. I truly just sit here sometimes looking at Andi lying down and shaking my head and tearing up because I cannot believe that our baby is becoming our daughter. I imagine that allot of guys go through this, BUT YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW IT....I know, I know, it is truly all about mommy during the pregnancy.

Well, that's about it for tonight. Bella, when you read this at a later date…………DADDY LOVES YOU!


Huntress said...

Your blog posts simply made me smile ... congratulations to both of you and kisses to your Baby Isabella !

andi said...

I love you babe!! It makes mama feel soooo good when I read your posts! :O) Our baby Bella has so much love coming from you and me. Ya know....I LOVE to feel her move in my belly and feel her cute little hiccups everyday! Every morning, I go into her room and just look at the things she will be looking at and using. I look at her teeny tiny clothes, pull toys and stuffed animals, and books that I can't wait to read to her. It brought tears to my eyes when I noticed my husband placed the Corduroy Book on the rocker seat, one of my favorite stories. I love her so much already and haven't even met her yet!! I know all of you mommies felt this way too....what anticipation!!! I can't wait to meet you Bella...mama loves you more than you know!!! xo

Glenn & Bee said...

Hi Guys:
Greetings from Bangkok. Sorry that we haven't been in contact a lot these past couple of weeks but living in Paradise is a full time job.

You know we're counting the days with you. You're in our thoughts and prayers, we love you guys and miss you very much.

Mr & Mrs B