Friday, May 18, 2007

34 Weeks 2 Days and Counting

Were well on our way and you can tell by the pics, so is Isabella. She is 4.5lbs and at the 34%ile. This is fantastic, as it looks as if she will be a normal size. We were readying ourselves for a behemoth...just like daddy. Now at least we know all of the clothes that we bought for a newborn will fit.

She is still breach and we scheduled the C section for June 27th @ 2:00PM. If Bella turns prior to, the C will be canceled. Andi is anxious to go through natural childbirth. Its funny what people say when they find out, "at least her head will be nice and round". Well, that happens to be true, no cone head. Although, to be honest, it does not matter, she will be loved and adored for the rest of her life regardless.

I have to say, time is flying so fast, its crazy to think that in 7 weeks I will be a father with fatherly responsibilities. Whenever I see a father and a daughter or I see a fatherly commercial, I get choked up thinking about when Bella looks at me that certain way, or she comes running sweetly screaming DADDY when I walk in this door after work.

These are the things that I live for. Sure, the diaper changes, lack of sleep and no flexibility in our schedules will be tough, but so what. I have been through allot of tough stuff in my life and it all was based on me and my needs. For Bella, it will be a pleasure to "sacrifice" as people say, but I don't see it that way. Its for her healthy growth and healthy home, so its not a chore its a pleasure.

I actually brought the video camera to the ultrasound today but they would not let me film for legal reasons so you are stuck with the pics that I scanned in.

Thanks again to everyone and please keep up the comments as we really enjoy them.

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