Friday, August 1, 2008

13 Months and cuter than ever

Thats right, Isabella is 13 months old, I cant believe it. It seems like it was last week that we were watching her lips and tough move in their own, (you know how the little babies always move their tongue) and she was barely making a noise. Boy have things changed.

Almost the week she turned 1 year old she started walking. A little here and a little there and within one week she is at full strides and walks all the time now. We actually walk outside on a golf course (soft and wide open) and she can go for quite a way without tiring.

Isabella has Mama and Dada down pat and uses it very well. She is starting to understand who to go to in different situations. I know I am a doting, happy, proud daddy, but Bella is really in tune with her surroundings (I mean smart but don't want to seem bragacious) and absolutely knows when we are trying to hide something from her. We cant say the word bottle as she will want one no matter the time or place so we have to spell it out B-O-T-T-L-E. She knows where she is and who is going to be there when we arrive, knows the words trees and what they actually are, colors (yellow is her favorite) bamboo, baby, Girls, Boy and many others but the Elephant is my favorite. She actually makes the noise and raises her arm like its a trunk in front of her.

She eats what we eat now almost exclusively and when she does get a bottle its all whole milk, the formula is done. She is a bit picky about what she eats, but we have not resorted to fast food or junk yet, but I have to say, she is picky. I guess all kids are.

Ok, I know, I go on and on, but she is developing so incredibly fast and as a Dada I am so amazed and proud. And I cant go a post without praising my amazing wife Andi and her 24 hour a day dedication to Bella. Andi is a stay at home mom, but I would never say she does not work. I honestly would be in bad shape if I had to do what she does every day and night and actually be happy and up while doing it.

I have no doubt in my mind that the days and days of parental support and guidance will build Bella into a well rounded trusting child that knows she is loved my her parents. I certainly wish that for her and thank Andi for dedicating her life to our family and raising Bella. I love them both so much and am so blessed.

Unfortunately I have to go out of town next month for 4 days and I am already really uncomfortable and stressed because Bella has a real Dada thing going on and she really gets upset if I am gone too long. I am already hurting very badly about it and do not look forward to the trip at all. I know Andi will have her hands full, but I am 100% confident she will keep Bella calm and she always does.

As the next few weeks come and go I cannot wait to see how Bella grows and creates even more joy in our lives. What an amazing child, a child that Andi and I love with all of our hearts and souls and cant wait to see what each day with her gives our family.


Rebeckah said...

I love her bow : ). I love her contagious smile! AND, I love Andi! I know that anyone that has her in their life is blessed beyond measure! I love seeing how Bella grows. She is precious. I will pray that your trip is fast and you can be back home again quickly.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and great seeing her this past that girl to death! Grandma Sandy