Saturday, May 24, 2008

You know what they say; New Home, New Park and Swings

Bellas first trip to the local park was allot of fun. She really ,loves other children and smiles from ear to ear and try's to talk.

The ducks on the other hand she is not so fond of. All is well here in the booming metropolis of Lancaster and we are pretty much settled into our new home.

Bella has 4 teeth upstairs and 3 teeth downstairs and is really teething these days. Sleep is good, bit not real consistent.

She is really a person now and since I am not always here, when I am she really wants to be with me. That is except when she is scared or upset and then its mommy's comfort she looks for.

I do love the smile that I get when I walk in the door, It melts me away.

Will post more soon.

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