Sunday, September 2, 2007

Almost 10 weeks

Things are really moving along fast. It is amazing how Isabella changes daily both physically and developmentally. She is cooing quite a bit now, almost on demand which I hear is a good indication of her development progress.

She is getting exposed to the outside world now quite often. She has been to a few nice restaurants, most of the families homes and all over Old City Philadelphia in her pink Bugaboo. We always try to prepare when we go out but its not always easy. I told Andi I didn't want to become one of those sloppy dads who have food on his chest and spit-up on his shoulder all the time, well, I am here to tell you, that is allot harder to achieve than I would have ever imagined. Thank goodness for Shout wipes.

Bella had her 4 shots this week. I tell you now, I don't ever want to go through that again. To see her tears flowing like that just breaks my heart and I feel so helpless. Andi did a great job of comforting her just after, but it was really tough.

With such an innocent way about her, I can't imagine her being a teenager or an adult that has to deal with the cruelties of the world, mean students, idiot guys and the like. It is just too hard to see in the minds eye and I just don't want to think about it, but I cant help it.

Its amazing how having a child brings you back through your own life in ways like never before. You think about moments that were locked away for a long time and you want to make sure that Bella sees what you saw, feels what you felt and is as happy as you were (shout out to the family).

Everyone keeps asking me how I like being a father, well everyone out there, I LOVE IT. I cant get enough. There are times at the office, I just sit back and watch her video, look at her pictures and just smile ear to ear. And quite often I tear up while thinking about her. Its a feeling that I have never had before, a lifting sence that takes you so high that truly nothing else matters. Isabella has brought so much into our lives that its amazing. I owe so much to her, and she is only 9 weeks. I am so grateful to have Andi and Bella as my family, truly a dream….truly.

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