Saturday, September 29, 2007

3 Months and getting better every day

Bella is growing and maturing so fast. She has found her hands, loves to suck on them. She is able to hold onto a rattle (soft ones as she bangs herself in the head at times) and is reacting virtually every interaction that we have.

Andi is doing very well with the growing and changing and amazes me that she never gets frustrated. Its amazing to be with Bella all day and night as she is, and still be happy and up all the time. She is a full blown mother to be sure.

Lately Bella has been getting up again every 3 hours to feed. She was on a very predictable schedule for about the past 5 weeks, slept 6 hours a night. We are being told its a growth spurt. Not sure what to expect, but that ok. All part of being parents.

These are a few recent pics of Bella, today actually. There is one with Andi pushing Bella in the stroller and the big blue Mercedes behind her is her new family trukster that we got for her and Bella. No more 2 seater for her. The 2 with Andis dad and my dad are about a month old.

Thanks everyone for your many well wishes.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Can't wait to see her soon....but maybe it's cereal time for Bella since she's feeding every 3 hours again...think about it Daddy and Mommy!

Love Grandma Sandy

Anonymous said...

Scott and Andi~
She is just perfect! They grow up faster and faster everyday so enjoy the small moments because they become less and less....
Sounds like you are all well and sounds like you have quite a move on your hands too.... Best of luck with all and enjoy your perfect bundle.... she is so beautiful!
Irene and Dean