Saturday, August 18, 2007

Proud Dad and Husband

Once again, I am going to sing the praises of Andi and her patience. Isabella has been fussy quite a bit lately. In the past few days, she barely sleeps during the day, which isn't bad at night, but during the day, whew.

Andi handles this in stride, no issue at all. I get all anxious because I can't quell her at all. It really a tough thing for sure, especially when you are trying to work.

Anyway, a few more quite pics are attached. I wanted to say also that we get emails and phone calls from many friends and family asking when we are posting more pics, well I am going to do this for many years to come as this is a record for Bella.

Thanks again to everyone who is leaving comments.


maddiepie said...

How amazin" it is to see how much she has grown! I love visiting this sight when I'm missing Andi and seeing all the wonderful pix of Bella. She totally favors both momma and poppa! I can't wait to meet her one day. xoxo

maddiepie said...

How amazin' it is to see how much she has grown! She truly favors both momma and poppa. I love visiting the website when I'm missing Andi and seeing new pix of Bella! Keep up the good work daddy! xoxo

Grandma Sandy said...

Great pictures Scott! I loved seeing her last Sunday...can't wait til the next time!