Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 3.....

What an amazing ride so far and every day it gets even more exciting. It has been a challenge for Andi a few times with the breast feeding, but she has been the picture of patience. I get frustrated and walk in circles, she just sits there for 30-40 mins until Isabella decides she wants to eat.

The first 2 days were rough on Andi. No sleep because of pain and our then roommates. They were nice people but they had this body spray that smelled up not only the room but the hallway and it was almost unbearable. For those of you that know me well, it was all I could do from taking that can of spray and throwing it out the window. Calmer heads prevailed. Anyway, Andi was really tired and frustrated the second night and the next morning was completely exhausted. I took Bella and let Andi get about 30 mins of sleep, which was tough, because she has already started getting protective. If Bella even peeps, she's up and asking if she is ok, its so sweet.

We finally got transferred to a private room with tons of room and plenty of chairs. I again took Isabella and Andi napped for another 30 mins and then took a shower and cleaned up. She said she felt like a new person. After that, the whole day went like clockwork with Bella feeding, Andi snoozing and such, it was great.

Andi is starting to get a little overwhelmed with all of the guests and as of today we have asked that no more guests come. She really wants to just bond with Bella and relax before she comes home tomorrow. To all of you out there who were planning on coming in, we apologize. There will be many opportunities to come.

As a father, I can see that getting time with Isabella will certainly be a challenge as Andi is poised to be the perfect mother and is well on her way. Truth be told, and I told her this too. She totally impressed me with this whole process. She puts aside her own ridiculous pain to hold and feed Bella. She wont even take pain medication to ease the serious pain because she wants to be alert and keep the narcotics out of her breast milk. She is really quite amazing as a mother. It has been an honor to see my wife become a mother and really take to it so well. I am truly blessed with both Andi and Bella and this entire process has been something that I will never forget.

Thank you all for such wonderful words and the flowers, cards, messages and voicemails. We will keep you posted. As a new daddy, I must leave you with another picture of our baby girl Isabella.

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