Saturday, May 5, 2007

Another great weekend

What a great weekend it was again. We only have a short period of time left with the convertible so we are taking advantage as much as possible. We did some shopping again today and it turned out as usual, we only bought for Isabella.

Everyone tells us not to buy anything because we will get more than we will ever use as gifts. Somehow though we think we will be different. That really cute seersucker bathing suit, the floral Sunday dress, the baby UGG boots and the adorable hats are all just right for our girl. Its really crazy how many nice pieces of clothing she has. I would say a good 40-50 pieces including a half a dozen shoes, hats, socks, onsies, shirts, skirts, t-shirts and on and on.

I guess that when its your child you want everything for them. In our case and especially in mine, everything that I see that is adorable, I want to get for Isabella ALL OF IT! Its funny, we used to spend weekends buying stuff for the house, clothing for us and gifts, now its purely for our baby girl.

To me, I can tell that my psyche is changing. I can feel my whole self, mind, and soul truly transforming to the daddy status. It is fantastic to be in this state for the first time in my life, and its also a bit intimidating. I think about the beginning years, the years where she starts getting her own ideas and hoping that they are good and safe ones. Then I think about the first date, the learners permit and the first time she takes the car out by herself and when her heart gets broken by some knucklehead kid that I didn’t like in the first place and she comes to me with, "why Daddy". I suppose I am not alone in this, but it is all so real. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to all of it with great anticipation and excitement. The fatherhood mode is a fast growing realization and mental state that I feel inside of me strengthening every day. I love it.

Andi has matured in that respect faster than I have and I suspect that that is normal as she is carrying our child and is living it 24/7. She has been the picture of joy since we found out and its not just me saying this. Everyone who sees her is always saying, you are glowing, you look amazing….and she does. We are blessed and remind ourselves everyday.

Andi and I also wanted to thank everyone for the comments and well wishes, we hope that the comments continue on and on.


Lorri Bupp said...

Scott - I'm really glad for you. Enjoy her while she is small (my boys will be 16 this year). I'll keep watching to hear how it goes. I haven't seen you in forever - can you post pictures?
Lorri (Shelley's Friend)

Aunt Randi said...

Scott, your last blog brought tears to my eyes, you and Andi are going to be great parents and I am thrilled to meet my first niece! I love Justin, but it's time for a baby girl!
(soon to be again)
Aunt Randi

Anonymous said...

I will take care of the knucklehead kid who upsets Bella, no worries! At least she has the weird Uncle who refuses to live in the USA, the outcast! But hey, summers in Europe are not bad either, she will be speaking German in no time!
Love you Bella!